Introducing PopSchools

Sacramento's learning spaces for 

arts exploration

Coming to Sacramento, CA, Fall 2018.

PopSchools Community + Genius Hour

The goal of PopSchools is to create an environment where individual students can work and play in the subject areas that interest them while developing 21st century skills. During Genius Hour, students will have the opportunity to create a product starting from ideas they are passionate about pursuing.

Join the PopSchools Community

We are creating self-directed learning labs in Sacramento for students aged 7-17. Join the community so we can build, play, and create together.

PopSchools Community Session 4-Pack


Purchase sessions four at a time. You will receive a link to schedule the sessions you have purchased.

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The 4 C's of 21st Century Skills

PopSchools is a supplement to your child's primary mode of education. We are planning our program without curriculum and with the 4 C's in mind.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is all about solving problems.


Creativity teaches students to think outside the box.


Collaboration shows students how to work together to achieve a common goal.


Communication lets students learn how to best convey their ideas.

The 4 P's of Creative Learning

No curriculum doesn't mean anything goes. We use the 4 P's to encourage autonomy, mastery, and purpose during our time together.

photo credit: Kimra Balliet


Learn through doing.


People are willing to work harder and longer on work that they care about.


Working collaboratively with peers allows us to share what we're learning and build upon one another's work.


Play is unlimited at PopSchools. Playful exploration encourages students to take risks and try new things.

Nikema Prophet

Founder, CEO

I am an unschooling mama, artist, and programmer. I’m building the PopSchools community to fill a need that I experience myself. I believe in the potential of all people. If there’s one thing I hope to show the children and families who participate in PopSchools it is, you matter! Your ideas and the things you care about matter. I can’t wait to see what you create.